Nathan Williams needs no introduction. A veteran in the game, pushing street riding and video parts further every year. Progression, a good attitude, chill vibes, and an eye for savage setups makes Nathan one of the most respected guys out there right now. It's an honor to have him flying the Kink flag, and to be a part of the Kink family. Expect big things to come!

Hometown: Nashville,TN
Currently In: San Diego, CA
Sponsors: Etnies BMX, Cinema BMX, Source BMX


Williams Frame / Williams Bars / Pillar 24 Cranks


We first met Jacob while riding his local schoolyard in Huntington Beach, around the tender age of 14. Since then we have watched him progress, grow up, mature and turn into the man that is now leading the charge on the ultra new-school, balance defying hybrid of tech street/flatland riding. It already feels like Jacob is a bit of a veteran, and we are really happy to be by his side for the next chapter in his riding career. Jacob carries a chill and infectious positive attitude with him, along with the style and swag that makes him standout above the rest.

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Currently In: Huntington Beach, CA
Sponsors: Odyssey BMX, Vans


Tactic Frame / Rex Bars / Ericsson Stealth Seat


Anthony Perrin is a veteran in the game, with a long list of accolades including Nora Cups, contest placings, and high profile sponsorships. As one of the premier street riders in the world, hailing from France; the last decade has been filled with constant progression and elevation in his riding and the boundaries of what is possible. We are very honored to have the opportunity to help Anto continue his career and to keep supporting his endless levels of abilities on a BMX, while flying the Kink flag proudly!

Hometown: Lyon, France
Currently In: Barcelona, Spain
Sponsors: Vans, The Cut BMX, Plants Basically


Williams Frame / Eagle Bars / Stoic Forks


Casey just does it differently. With a unique approach to street riding and enough tricks for anything from the streets to the skatepark, there is never a dull moment when Casey is riding. No session is too casual for some bangers and you can always count on him being the guy that everyone stops to watch.

Hometown: Rahway, NJ
Currently In: Austin, TX
Sponsors: Merritt, Vans, Burn Slow


Royale Frame / Williams Bars / Stoic Forks

Santiago Laverde

From social media, to print and web releases, filming trips, and major contests and jams; If you’re not familiar with Santiago Laverde then you’re just not paying attention. Hailing from Colombia and now residing in Barcelona, Spain, Santi has hit the scene with speed, style, and a humble and positive attitude to back it all up. We are proud to have Santi a part of the family and to offer him a deserving spot on the pro team.

Hometown: Medellin, Colombia
Currently In: Barcelona, Spain
Sponsors: Odyssey, Vans, The Cut BMX


Cloud Frame / Grizzly Bars / Vogue Forks


With a passion for Jäger, riding fast, and sending it in the streets…Calvin hails from Perth, Australia. Calvin has a big passion for BMX, and life…and took the opportunities available to him to pick up, and move to the USA. Now residing in California…Calvin has started to climb the ladder towards the American dream!

Hometown: Perth, Australia
Currently In: Los Angeles, CA
Sponsors: Vans, Local BMX


Backwoods Frame / Eagle Bars / Pillar 24 Cranks