Calvin and Travis Use An App?!

Calvin Kosovich and Travis Hughes hit the streets of SoCal with Our BMX and their phone heavy in the hands! 

 Nothing beats hitting some unfamiliar streets with your homies and seeing what you find. Putting in the work to discover new spots is fun and feels super rewarding when you uncover a gem. Then there are the days where you really want to just ride something and may not feel like rolling the dice and potentially come up empty handed exploring—which is where the Skate Spots App comes in. Some people may curse its very existence, while others live by it. We meet up with Calvin Kosovich and Travis Hughes for a day of riding and we decided to try something new and picked spots off the App—and of course we found some off the map spots along the way as well. It was a long day and we had multiple guests meet up throughout, including Dakota Roche, Andrew Castaneda, Tony Neyer, and Aaron Brenner. - Our BMX